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Your financial situation. It all has to be well arranged, don’t you think? Do all those pieces of the puzzle, all those financial products and schemes make up the outline you had in mind?

The Persoonlijk Jaarverslag® Online provides the answer to this question. It shows you whether you have sufficient money in all the phases of your life to do the things you want or have to do. In other words, a clear and understandable picture of your financial affairs, a basis for making the right decisions for your financial future.

With the Persoonlijk Jaarverslag® Online you are always in control of your financial affairs. The consequences of tax legislation or social benefit changes are calculated for you immediately. You can enter changes in your own situation yourself easily. You will always be in control of your financial affairs.

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Financial overview through insight

"What did you think last week when you heard about the plans of the Dijkhuizen Committee? Tax reduction, VAT increase and mortgage interest relief reduction – a fine example of plans already presented as bills. Things have not come to such a pass yet, but it is obvious that changes are imminent. What does this imply for your situation? Do you also have a hodgepodge of financial products? Get a clear picture of these products or use the Entry Service."
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Working longer? It is up to you!

This is the title I used for my presentation at a conference for HR workers and Human Resource Managers last week. Between the serious technical presentations on labor law and enduring deployability, I tried to touch the HR workers’ hearts and called on them to help employees gain total financial insight. Who knows? They might stop when they turn 65......
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Are you going to do things differently as of tomorrow?

Pay your bills in time. Put euros aside and receive high interest. Keep an eye on the mortgage interest and take action in time. Take out risk insurances that are not too expensive and make smart choices in your employer’s pension scheme. All of these are Personal Finance aspects.
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